Residents of Kennington: Enumeration District 1

In the 1851 census, Lambeth superintendent registrar’s district, Kennington 2nd registrar’s district, enumeration district 1 lay in Kennington St Mark’s ecclesiastical district and in the borough of Lambeth. HO 107/1574

Addison Place

24 bennett scrace
25 wallis rutherford preston fisher
26 white crossly dickens robinson tuby goodrich rumings tanner mead robinson
27 white pritchard bayly basely grik bosely

Albion Cottage

10 freeman rusant

Alfred Place

22 johnson stafford stringer warren pellatt williams haynes jones
23 studley messent jones dear clifford gent rix
obrien gent
24 ashby gregory robinson scambler gawthorpe baynham nicolls hatfield crane hobbs

Blanche Cottage

12 bailey mogg swann maddle bayley fletcher string tyler walsh

Cassell Cottage

47 woodyear moulder

Castle Terrace

36 walker doggrell hunt
37 laurie stichell pick evans gower williams porter doune hyde harnsan smith

Claremont House

32 cronin gilbert newman herbert brooks nelson

Claremont Place

31 andrews mathole knight harrison davies jarvis hindley lewis
32 angel
33 cosens white sparkes king unwin mendham hanslop usborne potts baverstock unwin booley rose
34 brodie brown newenton haynes
tye sulton pope campin
35 harris sukins chanter jacobs dangham berry delves wilkinson hessay barber carsthen tattersall brown
36 barber carsthen tattersall brown

Cowley Cottage

51 selway goodwin

Cowley Road

50 baylis
51 gowling bigg hatch hayward bateman
52 wilcox mathews magir mawley winsell hulbrown thorpe walk dowling crace
53 johnstone ball cunningham sainter howes
53 brown dickson

Crundens Place

46 pentecost sledge

Gloucester Place

53 kingsmill wilbraham kent

Grove Cottage

10 peart dearlove ruffell

Loughborough Garden

7 randall wiles cranfield denyer brown king

Loughborough House School

6 balfour honily allen wilkenson finch westwood gillet houston angell dobson hamson heather moltet whittams larton gotthole gottbell

Loughborough Road

6 willett teague
7 cleary bevan eaton

Loudon Place

13 hill aylesbury hibburd halsted kingsford sullock foster cox
14 hooper edwards grove adams sobell laurence coulter coulton nash perry batchelor liddle hunt
15 trenow wilson okey howett herbert pinford

Melbourne Place

16 haghton corrie
17 cleggett hepburn wallis morley simmons cooling laurence
18 gilchrist stawell holt taylor spalding eldridge goodwright ingpen edkins dryden
19 mckitrick knotts price godfrey curnutt young whitby creasy
20 hall hull horner homer dommett miller nelhorpe emms rudd stevens slivens

Melbourne Square

16 james
21 heldrith knotts bartlett james
22 wallis garwood

Normandy Place

28 marquet langley besley clark pearson
29 campbell jackson johnson gorham hearn miffin mcknight storey levegine
30 wood wickes robinson ridley goodfellow capps bowland
31 eccles

Providence Place

43 maskell appleton
44 skinner rudd
45 turner
45 searle bullard
46 polley
46 attridge smith
47 lewis peace butler

St John’s Grove

10 mullins willoughby chalroft murrel
11 stevens watkins mullins keene jones colthorpe smith brown snoad moore repton arnott frost

Vassall House

36 harmes hurford

Vassall Place

38 keith ford sympson robinson sanderson whately butt procter markham
39 aders lamb dodge horton brown hudson robinson ruggles parlett
40 solomon vickers langford

Vassall Road

40 buck maxted
41 langford gent dancer reeves
42 king allsop mcguffin attfield cope slammer
43 norvall
44 pinder
45 hampton
48 barnett gordon chirch daintrey hinch killick dewen ladd
49 king white bohin obert rea goodfellow miller warrington brown
50 thomas webb kinnell brunswick rowsell

White Horse, Brixton Road

8 hawkes harris bentham stud

Willow House

9 kelly nunn

Willow Place

8 laycock wray davis morgan hutt farmer gray sadgrove pickering jones
9 atkinson wilmot wilson piggott waller burton