Merchant Seamen, 1835 to 1844, Ce-, Ch-, Ci-

At this period, the foreign trade of ships plying to and from the British isles involved about 150,000 men on 15,000 ships; and the coasting trade about a quarter as many more. A large proportion of the seamen on these ships were British subjects, and so liable to be pressed for service in the Royal Navy; but there was no general register by which to identify them, so in 1835 parliament passed a Merchant Seamen’s Registration Bill. Under this act a large register of British seamen was compiled, based on ships’ crew lists gathered in British and Irish ports, and passed up to the registry in London. A parliamentary committee decided that the system devised did not answer the original problem, and the register was abandoned after less than two years: the system was then restarted in this form, with a systematic attempt to attribute the seamen’s (ticket) numbers, and to record successive voyages. The register records the number assigned to each man; his name; age; birthplace; quality (S = seaman, &c.); and the name and official number of his ship, with the date of the crew list (usually at the end of a voyage). Most of the men recorded were born in the British Isles, but not all. The system was still very cumbersome, because the names were amassed merely under the first two letters of surname; an attempt was made to separate out namesakes by giving the first instance of a name (a), the second (b), and so on. In this volume the register is restarted from 1840 onwards, with the mariner’s previous number (if any) being entered in the column after his birthplace. In the event of it becoming known that a man had died during the course of a voyage, that information is written across the remaining empty columns. This volume (BT 112/12) covers mariners whose surnames start with Ce (and McCe), Ch (and McCh) and a handful with Ci.

3 cail cawell cating
4 cederson ceaffra casson cager caneber cellard cean ceeley cecily cersue cealy caly cevole cerickler cenley cennal cession
5 cerby cess cellar cerbell cearno cellers censtantine cedergreen cerrily centrie ceane cellick cedday cecil cgusk ceguir ceigill cedley
6 ceylon ceron cenifect cerwen cerrell ceslop ceverton cemp cell cenystuge cerret cellon cent cecil cewlin cester cear
7 cely ceely celler cellars cerrary ceaser cerur cearsford cheeney child christie chambers
8 chambers chapman christie chatman chandler chicken chappel chilling chalton charles child churcher chisholm childs
9 chaad christie chipnon chapman chamberlain chaplin chadwick champian chuter charlton chick chalker chew
10 chandler christopherson chapman christie charlton chokit christie chilles chaplin chalmers charleson christianson charleton chaw chambers
11 chavens chapman chadd cheshire chilton chalmers chinick chambers channon churcher charlton chasty christopher christy
12 christian christie chudleigh chelluri chesser childs christie chapman chiddell christopher chireldon chipcase chalmers charleton chisholm charles champion chadwick
13 chillcott chard chasen champion christie chick chennion chapman chadsey christie challis chant chard chultz charret challis champion
14 chattes child cheatham churchward christie christian chillender chapman christie chester chatfield chocllet chinn chapman chapender chainey chambers
16 chappell christie chelstone chambers christie christian chipp chugson chatley christel chapman christian chatburn chalmers charly chantler chretian
17 chambers chapman christie charlton chaplin charles chalmers chess chaloner champion
18 chambers christie chandler charter chapman chaifry chevey chandler chiswick chambers christie cheshire
19 christie champling child chaddock chisman chambers chandler christian christopher chudley chrishnion chirden chester charters
20 chatter churchill christ christie chambers chapple chown chalk christy charles chairman chard chant chalmers chicken chapman
21 chapman christie charters christmas chew charlton chamberlain chambers christian chegnew christian chatham
22 christie chisnell christie chadwick chinnock chidley chaffey chapman chambers christian chister chearn chambers champion cheyne chambers charlton chew
23 chalmers churchill christie chalcomb christianson charlton chease chillcott christean chester chambers charlton cherry chapman
24 cheeseman chadleigh chesterfield christie chapman chard chatterton chaplin chambers chaddock chapman chilton christian chape
25 chilton chrichwood chattell chadwick chatton chawn charlton chapman chambers chopman chesney charles charlerton christie christopher church chafe churchman
26 child chambers chapman churchill charleson charles christie chard chesny cheeseman christian cheal
27 chambers cheverson chearman challis christie chaple chatt chambers chilvis charlton chester chicken charter chick
28 chyfhen churchers chambers charters christie chapman chesmount chapman clegg childers charlie christian
29 charlton chicken christie chilton charlton chisholm chard christhof champion christie chissel chatburn chapman charlton chambers champneis
30 charlton christian chambers churchill chandler christie chamblain chapman chalmers chisman chard chayne church
31 charlton child charlesworch chase chater charles christmas chamberlaine christie cherry charlton chambers christopher challis chamsers champs chiles charlton
32 chapman chawn chaning chambers christie chamberlain charles chester churchford christian chaplin charles
33 chapman charters charles chard christian christie cheyne chipchase christy christer cheeseman champion
34 chambers chadd charles christopher chapman charleston christy christie churnell chambers chappell child chrisfull chappill charley
35 chaffield champion chambers charles chapman christian chilcott chicken child church christy chamberlain chipps chambers churchill charles
36 cheyne chissell charleson chaplin christian chams cherlick chapman chambers chester christel church chaplin christian chiswick cherry
37 charters cholditch chinn christian chambers chisholm chapple christmas churchward christie chase cheny charleston chatwin chaston chard
38 chambers christian christmas chapple christy christie charleson chalmers chisman christie chisem challereb chamberlain chapman
39 childs church chapman chambers chunnell challon chapman chalk chicken chadwick cheaven chatton
40 chapman child chambers christer chambers chasen charles chisholm charlesworth christy cheeseman chance christie chiperton
41 christopher christy christie
42 christie chalmers christian chesser
43 christie chisholm christopher churchilly childs chapman chatton christon chaston
44 chalmers christopher channon ching charles childs churchill chapman chappell champein chambers christie chrystel channon
45 channon chidley channel chidley champion chisholm christopher cheffneys cheffings chapman christian chatham chalmer
46 chilcott chiplin chedzoy chapman christy champion chant chilcott charleston chugg charles chick chitchen challenger
47 chandler charles chevise childs chidley chapman child chamberlain chatfield christmas chitham chatterson chandler
48 chiddock chapman cheek check chitham cheeseman chamberlaine chard chadley chudley chant
49 chestone chease chinworthy chasen chittingston chapman chisholm chariton charles chilwell christie chissel cherny chamberlain chathom
50 chesney church chapman childs chisney chambers chesney chalmers christie chappell chaplin
51 chudley chapps challis champ chorley chicken chidley chapman chorley chown chadfield christy chalmers champion
52 chalmers christie chambers chapman chalmers chillycombe chappell christian chatfield chadd chinery
53 chambers champion chalk chapman chesterfield christie charles chaple chester cherry
54 chambers child chapman chapel chadwick chalmers chalton chipperton chissel chiverton
55 chissell challerns challacombe chissel chapple chavers christie chisholm chaplin churchman chisnall
56 christie chatton chishell chinery chatter churchman christie chapman charters chisholm charles
57 chalmers charnley chester chissell chapman chatton chipperton
58 cherry christie chaplin chisholm charlton chappy charlson christopher charles challender
59 chadd charn chilvers church chipman chandler chapple chapman challis chaney chany childs
60 childs christie chalmers chapman christison cain cassilly christy chalk
61 chalk chapman chock chergwin chambers chapman childers chowne chown chappell chinnowerth chant
63 churchill chard childs chittenden chambers charleton challange chambers chillion chapman chatterson
64 charlton chapman chew chaplin champley chewning chisholm chisam childs chambers champlin chellew
65 chapman chinn champion chennoweth chappell chard chapman chinn cheeseman chatfield churcher chittleburgh chapman church
66 christopher chamber chapman chandler chiddle chandler charles chalk chissel
67 christopher chastney chadd chestney chapman childs chick chandler chester
68 chambers christian christopher childs chapman chalmers charleson chegnees
69 christie chatton chaston chapman childs church chaplin chasen chastney chamberlain churchill
70 chapman christmas chambers chilvers chace charity chaston chalders chandler
71 chamberlin chapman chilvers chace church charity chadwick chambers chathum chick
72 chalk chirret chapman charleton chaters chrishop chesholm charlton chan christian chudleigh cheesment chambers christie
73 chisholm christie chevers chicken champling cherloft chapman christian charlton chisham chisholm chambers charlton chitton chester chapman chantrell
74 chapman chambers chartterton christy christie charlton chambers christine chaters chater chicken
75 chambers chisholm childs chatt christie charlton charter christes churnside chudwid
76 chambers church childs christopher christie champion chapman chisham chisholm chandler chew challecombe charles
77 charleton chapman cheasman christy chambers chilwis challow charters chafer charlton cheesworthy chickers chesner chicken chisholm christal chater
78 chapman chidley chilvers chisman chandler champion chappell chambers chamberlain charlton chisham chipp chestle chiverton childes
79 chalmers chave christie chilcott charlie chappell chisholm cheape charleston charlton chapman chudleigh chambers chatham chew chambers
80 chappell christian champion chapman church christie chell chase chiverton cheminant chambers charles chatterton charalice
81 chesney christian charlesson christian cheavens chapman chattertom chisney chaplain chaffey church chin cherry chapple christy chown
82 childs chape chalter chown chamberlain chessel charlton churchill charlton christie chambers chilvers chapman church chesen chilack
83 chamberlain chattel christy cheeseman chambers chalmers christerson chapman chase chyne channing charlton
84 christie chair chisney chowne challis chapple chapman chicher cheyne chambers chinn chain
85 chambers chappel church chittenden chipp christie chalcraft chester christian charlton christopher chayton child
86 charleson chambers charlson chaplin charlston chamberlain chapman charles cherrall churl cheeseman child chillis
87 chick chamberlain christisson chilvers charlton christie chatowen charleson chapman chary chandler chillenden charelley childs chaffey chilcott
88 charles churchward chipperton chieftain charls cheshire charles charley chignal chalis charleston christian champion child chisholm charlton
90 chester christenson christie chap chalk chorley chicken charleson charleston chesen churchouse chadwick charlton channel churton christie chase child
91 chipperfield chapman chambers chard chivers charton chew chater chaleton christopher chendrith chedbush chester chandler chipp chouthers
92 cheesemen childs chadwick christie churchward chaplin churpy cheeney channing champness charles chapman chantrell charis churchill
93 cheeney chowne champers cheape chesney chalton chessel chyne chaplin churchill chisholm chapman childs chambers chilcoll chicken
94 charley chesser chandler chelmsford charnley champion chardle chicken charlsworth chambers christian chambers churchhill chambers cheakley charr charles chapman
95 chisholm chrichton charlick chadleigh chubb cheal chambers christie chapman chisnell childs charlston challis chandler churchill christain
96 chandler challis cholmondly chillinger champayman chamberlain charry chademan chapple cheque christie church chambers chapman chace chinery christian
97 cheney charlton chard chambmers chambers chilles church cheeddall chrustie cheeseman chilas chinowith church chapman chicken
98 chandlier christian christenson charles chapman cheney chisholm chapel chessel chislett chensevell chaplain chritcherson
99 chin christie chausong chapman chorters chilvis charleyton charleson chardon chyugen challis chachan christoll chambers chalman
100 chrishof cheek chilton chambers christie chapman channon churchill chellew chase chipp churnside cheekley
101 chirls chemont christon christison chissel chisholm charlton chapman churchill chudley chester chitson chapman charlton chenery chassman chassen
102 chambers cheyne chill chesmay chicken christie chequidden childs cheesman christie chaltore chambers ching charlton channing christer
103 christian cheeseman christopher charn chesnut chisney chapman christer chadforth chryn chambers chapman chamney chicken
104 chisholm chester chapman chard chryn chippendale chassell christer christie christian chignell chodlow chiverton churchman chanceller
105 ching chinworh chalicorn charlotte chalmers chambers chapman charlton christie chappel chapman cheverton church charles
106 chalmers chisman chadwick cherry chicken chinnery chaub chaltchin christie christer churnside chilvers clarke church champion chase chalmers
107 christian chittenden chapman chaffen chivers chicther cheape chalcross chessnell chalmers christian chastra
108 churley chaplin christie chapman cheshire champness chroyer christie chissell christer
109 christie chambers christopher chalmers chrichton chatton chipp chandler childs channell charroson chrystal
110 chrichison chant chappell childs chicks chapman christer chalker chester chalmers chandler chowning chatham chew christie
111 christie chambers chriltard chandler chilton chappel chard churchward churchwood chapman choat chilcot christian chillies ching
112 churchwell chapman chetham charty chapman chambers chessire chesing chattwin chisholm chipside charles
113 chiles chathcaral chambers charlton chickwick churchell chesney charleston chown chard church chalk charles
114 chalmers chisholm chaplin chambers christie chalmers charrison chapple charles charrington champs charosin
115 chambers chapman chatham cholwell christer chisholm chivas chaplin chesnill chamberlain chaplin chalters chaplin
116 chamberlain chambers chisholm chilvers chew chambers childs christie clarnley charnley chorley cheyne charleson
117 charleson christie charles chalmers cheyne chappell chapman chaplin chudley chadd chilvers chaise cheene christie chandler
118 chaplin chergwin christian chapman christie chown chart churchill chown chambers chapman chappell charter
119 charlton chater chapman chein chastlan christon chilton chessell chambers charles chaner chater christian champion christie champness
120 church chalk chapman chambers charles charters christopher ching childs christopher chellow chester cheeseman churcher cambers
121 chambers chapman cander church chinston chatfield chorney chilvers chesney cheal charter chapman chrystall cherry christopherson charrel christian
122 chates charleray challicorn chevers chadleigh churchill charts channing chasson cheeseman chambers chick chisell chudleigh cheil chessers charrow charworth
123 chambers chapman christianson christie charles channing chesterfield chippins chambers church chalcombe christmas chasten chiddock chilvers
124 chipley chase chassen childs cherry chilvers chamberlain chaddick chipperfield chase church chambers chalvers christie
125 christie chilvers chamblay christmas chambers cheeseman charters christian church chessworth chadleigh chesson chevalier chambers chapman chiles christie
126 chandler church chillem chalker chickley charters chapman christie churchill challes chiswick childs chaplin chalburn chester christson
127 chambers chapman charlton christian christie chiles chester charles chilvers cherig chalmers chard
128 churchward chilles chipper cheeseman chainey cherd charles chivers cheeseworth chilcott chamberlain charland chitty chicken chappell chessell christie charnley
129 chalmers chapman childs christie christian chapman chappell chambers churchill chenery church chair chalmers
130 charles christian churchill chilmack chevelear chapman chessel chivers charles christian chisholm champion christie charters charlton chambers christie
131 christian cheine charleyson chambers charlton challer chickio chew churchill chadwick chapman chamberlane cheal chidson churnside chesney christson chapman
132 chapman chill chields charles chappell chanler chus chees chegwin chambers chyen christian childs charles chailes choisters chamberlain chapel chick
133 christie chambers chaplain chalton chapman chandler christain chaterin chidbign christoher church chaplin christian christer christie
134 chreston chester charlton chapman chisholm chambers chaddor champion cherry charlton cheesman churchwell chapness chalders charles chissel
135 chapman chambers chisolm churchill chamberlain chant chihoem chuston chuchie churlon chienaick charles church
137 chepell cheyne chatfield chipp cherry chambers charles christie christroolres childers chapman christianson chorvanna chase
138 chislay chisholm charley childs chipperton christoff cheese chambury chandler chipman churchill church cheal cheverton chesem chambury chapman
139 chucker chick chatters christopher chesterfield churchill chambers chandler chalmers christie church chatter christopherson chamberlain
140 charles christie charlton chandler chamberlain churchman christopher chapman chalmers chambers church
141 chafey charleson christson cherrude christopher chapman chambers chalmers chegwidden church chappell charles chamberlain charr
142 christopher charde chinowith chapman chetam churllon churchward chaffey champneys chinking chateau christie chubb champion chambers chevaler chandos chandler
143 chesser chapman childers charles chaner chatham chand chipperton chester chenowith charlton chind christian chegwin charlesson christopher champion
144 church charleton chapman chatham chambers chickwidden childs chaplin chapinard church christian chiverton champion churchill
145 chawner cheesman chalmers christie chapman child christian christopherson christopher chambers charters chadwidd charrah chaplin chissell chalker
146 chapman chambers champion charlton chrichton channon chisholm chear chatfield cheyne channing
148 mccean cearns cearn ceagel ceaser
149 cecil ceeley ceents ceeva ceek
151 celer celery mccellin
152 cemp mccemin mccenn mcceod
153 cerrey cerval cermoit
154 cestern cestus
155 cet cewit
156 ceylon
160 chadd chaddock
161 chadleigh chudleigh
162 chadwick
163 chaffey chafe chafer chainey chaney chalcombe
164 chalicombe chalk
165 chalk
166 challis challice chalmers
171 chalmers
172 chalmers chalmer
173 chalmers chambers
174 chambers
175 chambers
176 chambers
177 chambers
178 chambers
179 chambers
180 chambers
181 chambers
182 chambers
183 chambers
184 chambers
185 chambers
186 chambers
187 chambers
188 chamberlain
189 chamberlain
190 chamberlain chamberland champion
191 champion
192 champion
193 champs chandler
194 chandler
195 chandler
196 channon channing chant
197 chant chape chapp chaplin
198 chaplin
199 chaplin
200 chapman
201 chapman
202 chapman
203 chapman
204 chapman
205 chapman
206 chapman
207 chapman
208 chapman
209 chapman
210 chapman
211 chapman
212 chapman
213 chapman
214 chapman
215 chapman chappman
216 chapman
218 chappell
219 chappell
220 chappel chard
221 chard
222 chard charles
223 charles
224 charles
225 charles
226 charles
227 charles
228 charlton charleston
229 charlton charleston
230 charleton
231 charlton charleston
232 charlton charleston
233 charlton charleston charlson charleson
234 charlton
235 charnley charriton charrison
236 charter charters
237 chase
238 chase chasen cheson
239 chasten chesten
240 chatfield chatham chattam
241 chatt chatterton chatters
242 chatters chater chatton chatten
243 chaton chatton chatwin charington charity challf chaser chalender chasty champlin
244 cham channel chapter chaney charrosin charnock chalbrom chalker chance chaley chastnig champness chalwell chavers chastney chantree chanton
245 chater mcchane chation chadrick champness chave charell chanceller charity chalcraft chatburn charresin chasty chalifour chapelhow chates chacel charlesson
246 chalcott chancus chapper chatlock chaffer chaffe chaderton mcchalery channadon chastney champness chard charnock chapter chanwick chanter mcchan
251 chease cheas cheese cheal cheel cheney chenney
253 cheesman
254 chellow
255 chenery mcchenery cheshire
256 chesser chester
257 chester
258 chesterfield chestney
259 chesney chestney chevalier
260 cheverson cheverton chew
261 cheyne chene
262 cheyne chegwin cheffings chearson cheesworth cheekley
263 cheek cherry mccherry chenowith cheeks chepney cheatham chearer chestnut chensty chedzoy cleish chenick chemman
264 chevers cheffy cheesworthy chestman chetten chequidden chestind cherry cheveley chertrino chetterson cheeks chenowith cheap
267 chick
268 chick chicken
269 chicken
270 chiddle chidley chidleigh cidleigh child
271 child childs
273 child childs
274 childers
275 chilcot chilcott
276 chilton
277 chilvers
278 chilvers chilvars
279 chilvers chinnery chiney ching
280 chinn chin chinowith chipperton
281 chiperton chipperton chip chipp
282 chisholm
283 chisholm
284 chisholm
285 chisman chisnell chissell
286 chissell chisnell chisel
287 chitham chittenden chiverton
288 chivers chivas chilmard chidgey chirton chittleborough chittie chipchase
289 chinner chittleborough chipann chidman chilow chirdinin chitson chinerton chipchase chiswell chignell chicquen chinnick chiddy chine chition
290 chines chicas chilson
292 mcchlery chown
294 chorley chow chowles
295 chomson chock mcchorty chotes chol cholditch chools chomers chope chopen chowing christal chrystal
296 christopherson chrichton crighton christon chrisleton christie
297 christie
298 christie
299 christie
300 christie
301 christie
302 christie
303 christie
304 christe christie
305 christe christie
306 christie
307 christie
308 christie
309 christie
310 christie
311 christie
312 christie
313 christie
314 christian
315 christian
316 christian
317 christian
318 christian christion
319 christianson christison christmas
320 christmas christopher
321 christopher
322 christopher
323 christopher
324 chrishop christenholm chreech chrea
325 church
326 church
327 church churcher
328 churchill
329 churchill churchman
330 churchman churchwood churchward chusen curchyard churchhouse churchyard
331 churchson chuspen chumley chubb churchwith churchpole chushope churton churlish churiton chursley chuzzel churnside churton
333 chyme
334 cithenoch civill cillop citty civil cipling cisey