Masters of Merchantmen at Pernambuco, 1859

The custom house at Perambuco issued daily reports of vessels entering (entrados) and leaving (sahidos) port: these were published in Diario de Pernambuco. For ships coming in these details are generally given: whence sailed; how long out; type of vessel (brigue=brig; barca=barque; patacho=patache; vapor=steamship); nationality; name of vessel; tonnage (tonneladas); captain (capitano); crew (equipagem); cargo (carga); shipper; and to which port belonging (pertence). Similar information is given on leaving, starting with destination. British and American ships made up a large part of the traffic. January 1859

1 sumons green duncan dooling symons owens
2 lulham ducan
3 senpson
4 botsford hume steele
5 hughes
6 turne hughes franklin stable scott white
7 taylor cormeck doaling
8 taverne euerett
9 rivett nowland welsh
10 simpson roberto wbster carlion melene
11 simones coker bony eales
12 riches ronald brown
13 ealis knight simones
14 long
15 linthorne taylor
16 kneght linthorne
17 leslie imman
18 gravey
19 jellecoe long redde adans mckee jellico
20 le mesourier berry robertson botsford whith lilham