Kirkham, 1928

1928? postcard to the Misses G & M Hill, Elswick Grange, Kirkham, Lancashire: “Just a line to wish you a happy Christmas. I am sorry not to send a letter, but will write after Christmas. H & I were at a Concert last night and enjoyed ourselves A.1. Thanks very much for nice long letter, it’s the best you have sent for an age. Hoping you will have a lot of parties. Kind regards to all. Mollie.”

Halfpenny green George V stamp. The postmark is of Wakefield: the date is unclear, but this stamp was introduced in 1913, and continued  in use throughout the reign, to 1936.

The picture is one of a series of illustrations by C. H. Twelvetrees: this is Twelvetrees No. 72, from the Alpha Publishing Company of 2 and 4 Scrutton Street, London E.C. Charles Twelvetrees, of New York, specialised in sweet and amusing paintings of chubby-cheeked babies and toddlers, with humorous captions.

James Hill was listed as farming at Elswick Grange in Bulmer’s History and Directory of Lancaster and District in 1912.