Carpenters Excluded from their Union, 1907: Plaistow

The 48th annual report of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, from December 1906 to December 1907, gives lists of members excluded from the union: the great majority for arrears of membership fees, but some for ‘non-payment of entrance money’; ‘for working contrary to the society’s interest’; ‘false declaration of entry’; ‘imposing on the society’s funds’; ‘withholding the funds of the society’; ‘violating rule while on sick benefit’; ‘bringing the society into discredit’; and ‘members who have paid up and resigned’.


3 tilley baxter hardy bell potter millridge vyse skeens
8 barnard wood richardson anderson catton costin
11 hills rudd
14 reiner mcphail jay denny wood
20 butler bothwell jones dewey giles barber dillon cyler slade