Carpenters Excluded from their Union, 1907: Birkenhead

The 48th annual report of the Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, from December 1906 to December 1907, gives lists of members excluded from the union: the great majority for arrears of membership fees, but some for ‘non-payment of entrance money’; ‘for working contrary to the society’s interest’; ‘false declaration of entry’; ‘imposing on the society’s funds’; ‘withholding the funds of the society’; ‘violating rule while on sick benefit’; ‘bringing the society into discredit’; and ‘members who have paid up and resigned’.

1 moss wyrre
7 stockton cotterell taylor morgan forfar cole moore millington curphey owens kewish clark
13 whitburn saunders prescott cowin kelly roberts davies broster wrench
18 fogg williams wharton youds stockton kelly langley evans