Buckinghamshire Pedes Finium, 1505

Sales of land were registered by means of fictitious suits of covenant entered in the Common Pleas, the details of which were recorded in separate parchment indentures called Feet of Fines or Pedes Finium. This calendar gives an abstract of each deed: in most cases the seller is the deforciant, the purchaser is the plaintiff, and the land is described in the broadest terms, as so many messuages, tofts, gardens, acres of (arable) land, meadow, pasture, woodland, furze and heath, rents &c. The properties range from large manors to single houses or plots of land. The calendar is indexed by the surnames of sellers, purchasers and trustees.

22 chubnall bruyn swepson euerard mores
23 norreys bulstrode cheyny pygot eyre esyngwold edmond
24 gadbery lyswell
25 gadbery chapell
26 brudenell cheyny langston brightwell