Boot and Shoe Makers Out of Work, 1920: London

The Monthly Report of the National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives gave details of Out of Work Benefit paid to members. The table is arranged by district, and gives each member’s register number, name (surname with initial), time off work (weeks and days), and total pay (at 2s 6d a day). 26 January 1920

7 adams coombs franklin french green gluck laversack price robins smith thompson vokes ward cook earnst grelly hart levey lloyd rowe snedker turner wilson waite britten hedger hull williams bolton long cox darby fone
8 kops lantenberg ward allen barker baltitude bradford bailey bounsall barnes chandler donovan drewitt drew dickens ewen edgley fulcher fisher goode goffovitch gainsford hurrell hellier heitner hammond hazard hennesey hilsdon johns james king kaplin kneicheg lyons lawrence meggs miller mann marshall nockles nickolsberg pratt pedrick pearce ridley ratcliffe roe russ robinson smerkovitch stolsky sayer silverfield smith snell sharpe shanwold taylor thomas varnes whitehouse wills white winfield wickes yearley russ alum clark chamberlain dickinson williams waring kempton berenstein freedman greenberg goorevitch griff kivinth kaminsky lyons levy michaels schneider sonnings weeks allison black campbell cath cowell coombs colton cook benhard arnold anstey daniels daley fabbins ford fisher german howes harrington hobbs howes hughes haines hyson hansell jackson
9 johnson kain kane lockyer marriott morbin osborn plumbridge purland richardson raffety shaw south sanford soames stanton sivyer stains tea ward weeks tueson wake willowby ansell collinson gent loveless owen