Boot and Shoe Makers Out of Work, 1920: Leeds

The Monthly Report of the National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives gave details of Out of Work Benefit paid to members. The table is arranged by district, and gives each member’s register number, name (surname with initial), time off work (weeks and days), and total pay (at 2s 6d a day). 26 January 1920

6 bull bellhouse barnacle dodsworth anstey greenwood hargreaves jervison peacock
7 anderson atkinson bray cirmaught clark brown derby dale dunn dispin fawcett emsley geldard harrison howard horsfall eastwood hunter higginbottom isherwood johnson ibbotson overton phelan ruddick rosenbloom rhodes shaw taylor macpernan robertson watson waite attack clarkson clegg emsley feathers hunter hargreaves hutchinson litterwood newton prince wray richardson younger heald page smith taylor tewing rayner storey chatterton martin mortimer meadley robertshaw padmore spink soloman slorter taylor bagshaw knapton price pugh robinson roberts tinkerson scaife brawn bill cheetham orange cooper cross smith harrison lees mullins robinson