Booksellers, 1669

The Mercurius Librarius catalogued new books printed or reprinted in London, giving the names and addresses (signs) where they might be obtained:

Easter term 1669

34 ponder smith boulter miller newman brome clavell baker
35 herringman martyn seile passenger chiswell clavell billingsley blagrave brooke walton tooke
36 clavell herringman parkhurst calvert wells scot martyn walbanke allestry meriton forest
37 herringman place roper collins tyton starkey basset crook playford gellibrand sawbridge brome hurlock fisher williams gellibrand hancock martyn forest

Trinity term 1669

38 morden ponder starkey smith newman simmons sawbridge hancock
39 allen reynolds calvert herringman hurlock fisher thomas page sherwin rooks martyn starkey dring
40 dring herringman starkey tompson tooker martyn eversden whitwood gilbert smelt martyn ponder
41 wells scot roycroft playford sawbridge crook davis thackeray davis hurlock fisher roper place basset smith
42 smith smelt

Michaelmas term 1669

43 allestry clark parkhurst kettilby hancock eversden boulter
44 simmons smith birch hancock ponder parker crouch tooke sawbridge starkey passenger fisher sawbridge
45 sawbridge hurlock fisher thomas page wingfield pricke starkey jones herringman basset
46 pitt parkhurst martyn brome basset wilkinson widdows cademan pask herringman starkey cademan brome
47 brome martyn collins helder place heyrick crook pawlet miller eversden allen billingsley martyn allestry wells scot gilbert
48 pitt starkey basset smith royston miller horne brome sawbridge williams brome basset chiswell horne sims roper tomlins
49 heyrick martyn allestry twyford place ponder crook widdows sawbridge newman wright herringman
50 herringman calvert thomas martyn allestry basset wilkinson lowndes billingsley martyn