Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Ship Builders, 1921: London

The monthly report of the United Society of Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders contains, as well as internal union business, reports of meetings; obituaries; warnings about named individuals falling into arrears, or becoming ‘out of benefit’; members ‘run out’; subscription sales; new members admitted; second class transferred to first class membership; apprentices admitted; apprentices transferred to adult membership; and ‘unapproved’ apprentices. Members are normally identified by surname and initial, with membership number as appropriate. These abbreviations also occur: 1st, first class; 2nd, second class; 3rd, third class; A.I.S., angle iron smith; App., apprentice; A.W., acetylene worker; C., caulker; D., driller; H-up, holder-up; P., plater; R., riveter; S.I.W., sheet iron worker. January 1921

18-20 brown latham whitney
34-35 turnnidge small weston mulock husband
37 andrews
40 low sanders husband brown girling stanyard bull church walker hill donlevy willsher willacy bernard
47 cook walker knight jenkins nickless compton linehan
49 arbor liddle kemish billington chapman howell lupton taylor
51 cahill fox
53, 57 cripps styles nash evans young barry stephenson hunt price garrett tucker vidler slann hoodless owen daley ivey scott shawyer gibson davey hoskins brown needs stennett davies godwin hall george
61, 63 self cornell ward ingham weir preston hardy
63-64 woolford foster pidwell evans
65-66 baker
66 baker
66, 68 brown stennett need davies george
70-71 young wise thurlow shove