Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Ship Builders, 1921: Govan

The monthly report of the United Society of Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders contains, as well as internal union business, reports of meetings; obituaries; warnings about named individuals falling into arrears, or becoming ‘out of benefit’; members ‘run out’; subscription sales; new members admitted; second class transferred to first class membership; apprentices admitted; apprentices transferred to adult membership; and ‘unapproved’ apprentices. Members are normally identified by surname and initial, with membership number as appropriate. These abbreviations also occur: 1st, first class; 2nd, second class; 3rd, third class; A.I.S., angle iron smith; App., apprentice; A.W., acetylene worker; C., caulker; D., driller; H-up, holder-up; P., plater; R., riveter; S.I.W., sheet iron worker. January 1921

18-19 mcneill strachan
20 mcneill
47 burns campbell
53, 56 sinclair mulholland gray mcdougall gray dick burt rowley kay homan buchanan mackenzie connell scott mcfall neary arnott harvey frew murray hay balderston mckenzie howitt nicol black heaney reilly jamieson mcmillan kerr smith law mccoll hughes morton mccann hardie docherty
61-62 leitch gatens wilkie mcaulay mcgregor tregenza boyle mckay jones swanson foley francis neill milton howie mcelerney tiffney vergoz green reid boyd
66-67 mcdougall dick mackenzie connell scott arnott hay balderston reilly jamieson mcmillan
70-71 devins mckeown colquhoun campbell bow
72 nelson