Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Ship Builders, 1921: Dumbarton

The monthly report of the United Society of Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders contains, as well as internal union business, reports of meetings; obituaries; warnings about named individuals falling into arrears, or becoming ‘out of benefit’; members ‘run out’; subscription sales; new members admitted; second class transferred to first class membership; apprentices admitted; apprentices transferred to adult membership; and ‘unapproved’ apprentices. Members are normally identified by surname and initial, with membership number as appropriate. These abbreviations also occur: 1st, first class; 2nd, second class; 3rd, third class; A.I.S., angle iron smith; App., apprentice; A.W., acetylene worker; C., caulker; D., driller; H-up, holder-up; P., plater; R., riveter; S.I.W., sheet iron worker. January 1921

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